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At Blue Valley,
We’re Family

"The Blue Valley Senior Living has a warm friendly home like environment that is felt when you enter the facility. Knowing I can make a difference in people’s lives is what I like about my job."

Julie Fox
Assistant Administrator and Admissions Coordinator

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Our Services

Quality Care 

Holistic Care Based on Decades of Experience with the Elderly and Their Families

Blue Valley Senior Living serves its residents holistically, with appropriate medical care and support; a home-like, secure and comfortable physical environment; an engaging social environment; and care giving that supports the need of individual residents and their quality of living. Our care helps residents achieve a meaningful life as they age.


The Blue Valley Senior Living care model is administered by a management team, caregivers and medical professionals who are professionally trained in the latest caregiving techniques. Over time, we often become part of the resident's extended family. This gives us a personal stake in the resident's well-being and is the reason we created a care facility that is personal, warm and inviting, with features that include an on-site beauty shop and outdoor patio.


Services Under One Roof


Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation

Working to Make You Stronger 

Our therapists and nursing staff work with their patients daily to help them get stronger. From exercises to strength-building nutrition, our skilled nursing and rehabilitation services  help body, mind and spirit, enabling faster recovery and return to active living.

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Long-Term Care

A Safe and Home-like Setting for Those Needing Ongoing Help

Our goal is to help our residents function at their highest possible level, remaining active and productive for as long as they are able. We also serve persons with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

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Day Services & Respite Care 

Do You Struggle Finding Time for Yourself While Caring for Another? 

Research shows that caregivers are better able to give care if they have a break and a little rest and relaxation themselves. Or, you may need to go to work or attend to other family and personal responsibilities. We are here when you need us. Remember your loved one is being well-cared for in a supportive and protective setting.

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We're Here During Your Time of Need 

As life comes to an end, there are decisions that families have the opportunity to make. Among them is the opportunity to choose a caring partner to walk with those last few miles. We place hospice among the most important and positive services we provide residents and their families. Even though we may not be able to add days to a resident's life, we strive to add life to his or her days. This service is one of the most valuable and enduring gifts a family can receive.

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